Military Hardware Blogging

Just a quick word on some military procurment items that have been in my browser for a couple days:

India wants a handful of stealth frigates, and is trying to figure out whether to build the first couple tubs domestically (high risk of technical screwups eating away the cost benefits) or abroad (political landmine, but reverse technology bonanza).

Meanwhile, Israel is still interested in the F-22 Raptor stealth fighters. Combined with Japan’s and Australia’s interest, as well as that of certain elements in the Pentagon in keeping the production lines moving, this might get a technology-transfer-proof model in the works.

And referring to the A400M, the head of Airbus just declared that the company “can not build the airplane” under present circumstances. With that typical French flair for a turn of phrase, he added, “Better an end with horror than a horror with no end.” (Reads better in French.)

To sum up, India wants to sneak up on the Chinese in the Indian Ocean, Israel wants to sneak up on Iran in the skies of the Middle East, and Europe wants to sneak up on the world, but will have to lease C17s from the Emirates to do so.

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