Kurd Guerrillas Threaten U.S.

Of course, one of the predictable consequences of the increasingly effective Turkish campaign to isolate and eliminate the Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq is that the latter will increasingly turn their attention to the folks helping the Turks out. That, of course, would be us. So far it’s just a warning from PEJAK, the PKK’s Iranian Kurdish sister group, but there’s every reason to believe that with Turkey more and more difficult to reach and the Iraqi Kurds not a politically viable target, we’re next on the list.

Interestingly enough, PEJAK is the Kurdish separatist group that many have accused the U.S. of secretly supporting in its attacks on Iran. Those reports have consistently been denied, but if there’s any truth to them, this would be both a cautionary tale of blowback, as well as another potential security threat we have in common with Tehran.

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