Kim’s French Doctor Confirms Stroke

It turns out Kim Jong Il really did suffer a stroke in October, according to François-Xavier Roux, the French doctor who treated him, as quoted by Le Figaro:

Kim Jong Il was the victim of a stroke, but he was not operated on. He’s doing better now. The photos that were just released seem to me to be current and authentic. It seems to me that Kim Jong Il is running North Korea. I can’t say any more, I’m constrained by medical confidentiality and state secrecy. (Translated from the original French.)

The Kims apparently have a long history of seeking French doctors for treatment, having called on them to implant the late Kim Il-Sung’s pacemaker, as well as to treat Kim Jong Il’s “favorite wife” when she fell ill with cancer.

Roux is, of course, a friend of Bernard Kouchner’s, having worked with Doctors without Borders before becoming the court physician in Pyongyang.

Hopefully Matt Stone and Trey Parker hear about all this before they make the sequel to Team America.