I’ve Got a Ph.D. in Sarkology

One of the great things about a blog is that you actually have a record of all the wild predictions you make that end up coming true. (The downside is that all the ones where you were dead wrong are there, too, but the less said about that the better.)

Not only that, though, the act of writing them down helps you to actually remember them. An old friend of mine visiting Paris a month back reminded me how, fifteen years ago, I’d predicted that eventually, survival in modern society would depend on access to one corporation — the phone company. Fifteen years ago, of course, cellphones were not quite as ubiquitous as they are today, so the observation took some foresight.

“I said that?” I asked.

These days, of course, I’ve got URLs. So three years from now, when Nicolas Sarkozy decides not to run for a second term, as he suggested over lunch with a group of “wise men” French journalists the other day, I can point to this:

My audacious prediction for 2012? Sarkozy will not run for re-election. You read it here first.

I’ve been saying that for at least a year now, too. You read it here first.