Iranian Nuclear Proposal

Via Andy Grotto of Arms Control Wonk, ISIS just leaked the much-talked about but never-before seen Iranian proposal (.pdf) to resolve regional and global conflict (but more importantly the standoff over its nuclear program).

It’s a pretty bland document, but with a little reading between the lines, it looks like Tehran is basically offering to fold its nuclear program into an international consorium of uranium enrichment centers, and to expand IAEA oversight of the Iranian-based component of the resulting network. Those offers, though, come hand in hand with a call for nuclear disarmament and “[i]mproved supervision by the IAEA over the nuclear activites of different states.” That’s a vague way of referring to Israel, although not as vague as some of the other expressions Tehran often uses to refer to it.

The nuclear proposal comes as part of a regional package that includes similarly vague references to Afghanistan (drug interdiction, terrorism), and Iraq. I’m not familiar with what a proposal like this is supposed to look like, but this one seems pretty long on vague and meaningless flights of fancy and short on concrete offers. I’m waiting to hear back from some sources about what kind of reaction the proposal has met with. I’ll post anything interesting that comes along.