Happy Thanksgiving — WPR on Vacation

World Politics Review will not publish Friday, Nov. 23, or Monday, Nov. 26. We’ll be taking a break on the occasion of the U.S. Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Until Tuesday, then, here are some ideas to pass the time:

1. Check out our searchable Media Roundup archives to bone up on any issue. Need to do some research on Somalia, or catch up on the news regarding the Annapolis conference? The MR archives search is the best free research tool on the Web. The search box is on the top right of the Media Roundup page.

2. Read the top five most popular WPR articles from the past 30 days. Here they are:

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3. Use our pull-down menus at the top of each page to browse WPR coverage by issue, region and author.

4. Watch some videos.

5. Listen to our podcasts.

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