Great Narrative Reporting From Iraq

New to World Politics Review Jan. 18 is Shades of Justice: Scenes of Law, Order and Reality in Iraq, by Neil Shea, who has also covered the war in Iraq for National Geographic magazine.

His reporting from Iraq for the magazine puts readers in the midst of the war in a way that far surpasses the average news article. Below are links to some of it, for those interesting in reading (and hearing) more of Shea’s work.

His story “The Heroes and the Healing: Military Medicine From the Front Lines to the Home Front,” with photos by Jim Nachtwey, contains some great journalistic writing.

Here’s a sample:

“It is near midnight when we arrive on the scene, circling while the pilots inspect what’s below. Humvee headlights carve out a landing zone on an empty road. Soldiers aim their weapons into the blackness beyond, watching for an ambush. We bump down in a cloud of hot dust. The injured man has been laid on a litter and stripped to the waist. Four or five of his comrades run the litter to the helicopter and clumsily, frantically, shove him inside. He has no pulse.”

And here’s a piece on U.S. medical teams treating Iraqis wounded in the war, and a podcast of Shea reading the story.

Finally, Shea recently appeared on FOX to talk about the war in Iraq.