The WPR Global Migration Chatbot

The WPR Global Migration Chatbot
Migrants in Sfax, on Tunisia's eastern coast, July 7, 2023 (AP photo).

The chatbot below draws on a knowledge base of more than 80 articles about global migration published by World Politics Review from March 23, 2018, to Feb. 1, 2024 . These articles are part of our series on global migration. The chatbot, which is powered by ChatGPT-4, has been trained not to refer to anything outside of the articles in the knowledge base.

Ask it questions about events and trends related to global migration over the last few years and get answers drawn straight from WPR’s expert analysis. (Submitting your email address is required for more than one question.) We will continue to update the knowledge base and our series with new coverage of global migration as it is published.

Getting the most out of the chatbot depends to some extent on how it is prompted. Better prompts, with context and specificity about what you are seeking, will generally yield better answers.

  • It is possible to prompt the chatbot to provide URLs for WPR articles about a subject pertaining to global migration. However, this chatbot is not meant to be a substitute for the site’s main search engine.
  • If you want to know from which WPR articles it is getting the information it provides, you can ask it to cite its sources. But the chatbot cannot provide the names of the authors of the articles it uses for a given answer.
  • It has been instructed to return answers of no more than 300 words in length. If its answer isn’t quite what you were hoping for, try reformulating your prompt.

If you have suggestions or comments, we would love to hear from you, so please send us an email with your thoughts.