Four U.S. Presidential Candidates on Iraq, on Video

We just discovered YouTube’s “YouChoose ’08” feature (apparently it only launched today). YouTube seems to have persuaded almost every U.S. presidential candidate — lest they labeled clueless about the digital revolution — to post regular video clips. The videos are of all different types, from professional-looking campaign commercials to home videos from the campaign trail, to clips of TV appearances.

We set out to find a video clip from each candidate relating to their positions on Iraq. Unsurprisingly, it’s the one foreign policy issue that almost every candidate has posted a video about. We wanted to find one clip from the two current front-runners from each party. The conventional wisdom says those front-runners are Clinton and Obama on the Democratic side and Giuliani and McCain on the Republican side (although at least one poll says the top three Democrats are leading all Republicans head-to-head).

However, either by design or by accident, Giuliani hasn’t addressed Iraq on his YouTube channel yet, so we called up Mitt Romney from the bullpen. Without further ado, here are the four videos we found (in alphabetical order by party, then candidate):

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