FARC Tension Not Over Yet

McClatchy’s Jack Chang signals that it might be a tad early to close the books on the recent tensions between Colombia and its two neighbors, Ecuador and Venezuela. Emerging reports indicate that Colombia’s strike on the FARC camp inside Ecuadoran territory killed an Ecuadoran national, leading Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa to threaten calling the matter before the OAS once again.

Meanwhile, the other powderkeg waiting to go off are the computer harddrives found in the camp that linked both Correa and Hugo Chavez to the Colombian Marxist insurgents. Interpol is working them over, and if it turns out they’re legit, things could get back to name-calling, table-pounding and sabre-rattling in a hurry.

Update: I saw after posting this that Carmen Gentile has a relevant WPR piece that just went up about Raul Castro’s involvement in the South American crisis and what that could mean for Cuban foreign policy, post-Fidel.