Back in Business: Modi’s Fresh Start for India

Back in Business: Modi’s Fresh Start for India
Indian paramilitary soldiers march during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India, Jan. 26, 2015 (AP photo by Manish Swarup).

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP decisively won last year’s elections, many were worried about the potential for interreligious tensions. But so far, Modi has allayed those concerns while bringing a new dynamism to India’s foreign policy, as the articles in this report make clear.

The Modi Era Takes Shape

Marked by Strong Opposition, India’s Election Brings No Guarantee of Change

By Prashanth Parameswaran
April 17, 2014

Maoist Insurgency Still Simmers in Modi’s India
Interview with P.V. Ramana
Aug. 20, 2014

Modi’s BJP Seeks Inroads in Kashmir Elections
Interview with Sten Widmalm
Dec. 18, 2014

After U.S.-China Climate Deal, India Feels the Heat on Growing Emissions
By Saurav Jha
Nov. 21, 2014

India’s Latest IAEA Deal Too Little, Too Late to Undo NPT Damage
By Miles A. Pomper
July 3, 2014

Breathing Life Into U.S.-India Ties

India’s Modi Gets Short Shrift From Obama’s Agenda
By Nikolas Gvosdev
May 23, 2014

U.S., India’s Goals Diverge in New Delhi’s Near Abroad
By Nilanthi Samaranayake
May 13, 2014

U.S., India Seek to Move Defense Ties Beyond Arms Sales
By Saurav Jha
Aug. 13, 2014

Modi’s Visit Shows Promise of Renewing U.S.-India Ties
By Maria Savel
Oct. 6, 2014

After Modi Visit, U.S. and India Must Put ‘Natural Partnership’ Into Practice
By Richard Weitz
Oct. 7, 2014

Bond With Modi Helps Obama’s India Visit Exceed Expectations
By Richard Weitz
Jan. 27, 2015

India Visit Successful, but Will Obama Follow Through?
By Nikolas Gvosdev
Jan. 18, 2015

A ‘Zero Problems’ Approach to Foreign Relations

Modi Reboots India’s Foreign Policy With ‘Zero Problems’ Approach
By Frida Ghitis
Dec. 18, 2014

India’s Modi Takes a Step Toward New Era of Relations With Pakistan
By Rupakjyoti Borah
May 30, 2014

After Successful Visit, Modi Must Deliver on India-Nepal Relations
By Anuradha Sharma
Aug. 7, 2014

Energy, Defense Deals Highlight Vietnam’s Role in India’s ‘Act East’ Policy
By Saurav Jha
Sept. 25, 2014

Modi, Xi Put India-China Economic Ties Ahead of Border Tensions
By Anuradha Sharma
Sept. 19, 2014

Despite Modi Visit, Nuclear Impasse Continues to Limit India-Japan Ties
By Yogesh Joshi
Sept. 9, 2014

Nuclear Deal Puts India, Australia on Path for Expanded Strategic Ties
By Saurav Jha
Sept. 8, 2014

Putin Courts Modi to Advance Russia-India Economic Ties
By Richard Weitz
Dec. 16, 2014

For India, Russia, Diversifying Energy Ties a Natural Fit
By Saurav Jha
May 22, 2014

Russia-India Afghan Arms Deal Comes With Regional Implications
By Richard Weitz
May 6, 2014

Naval Ties, Economic Interests Drive India’s Outreach to Oman
By Saurav Jha
Jan. 7, 2015

India-Israel Ties Set to Blossom Under Modi
By Frida Ghitis
May 22, 2014

India Pursues Scandinavian Partnerships to Join Arctic Race
By Saurav Jha
Oct. 27, 2014