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A Word of Support for the U.S. President-Elect

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008

As much as anything, the great secular ritual of voting defines the United States as a nation. Yesterday, through the peaceful casting of ballots rather than the violent clash of arms, Americans chose Barack Obama to lead them. As a maker of history, foremost among the world's powers, America's choices for president are always historic, but more so this year than in the past. A generational transition occurred. And more significantly, America demonstrated to itself and to the world that it can live up to its ideals and face its difficult racial past.

The United States is too resilient for anyone to argue that its survival depends on which man it elects to the presidency. But when America chooses wisely, the country and the world are better off. When it chooses poorly, the global challenges it faces loom larger, and can be magnified by ill-considered presidential policy. ...

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