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Members of the Druze minority rally against Israel’s nation-state law, Tel Aviv, Israel, Aug. 4, 2018 (AP photo by Sebastian Scheiner).

‘We’re Not Mercenaries’: Why the Druze Are Challenging Israel’s Nation-State Law

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018

YARKA, Israel—When soldiers from this small community in Israel’s lush Galilee region are killed in combat, Walid Mula turns up with advice and guidance. The affable 49-year-old is the director of a support group for bereaved families, and it falls to him to make hours-long house calls. Over sweet tea and snacks, he talks grieving relatives through the logistics of burying the dead, including the role of the Israeli state in financing funerals and memorial ceremonies.

Yarka is a community made up of around 1,000 members of the Arab-Israeli Druze minority. The Druze in Israel total 140,000, or around 2 percent of the national population. As of 2017, 421 Druze had died in Israel’s many wars, either as soldiers or as civilian casualties in terror attacks, according to Keren Kayementh l’Israel, the quasi-governmental Israeli parks organization that also organizes an annual run in northern Israel to commemorate fallen Druze soldiers. ...

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