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Global Insights: Caspian Complexities Block Russia-Iran Naval Axis

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The recent announcement by the deputy commander of Russia’s Caspian fleet, Nikolai Yakubovsky, that Russia and Iran intend to hold a combined naval exercise in the Caspian Sea later this year should not have come as a surprise. Not only have the two sides engaged in such joint drills in previous years, but since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the new Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic have enjoyed a surprisingly harmonious relationship regarding regional security issues.

The Iranian government has refused to intervene on behalf of the Muslim guerrillas fighting Moscow in Chechnya or in other parts of Russia. During the 1990s, moreover, Russian and Iranian diplomats cooperated in efforts to end the civil war in Tajikistan. They also aided opponents of the Taliban in Afghanistan and opposed the expansion of Turkey’s influence in their region. Many Russians perceived Tehran as a convenient partner to counter the growing U.S. influence in Eurasia. ...

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