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Our Mission

World Politics Review provides uncompromising analysis of critical global trends to give policymakers, analysts, academics and readers with a deep interest in international affairs the context they need to have the confidence they want.

Written by a network of leading experts and on-the-ground influencers, our substantive content gives you access to comprehensive and detailed perspectives that are as valuable as they are rare.

Though strictly nonpartisan with regard to political party affiliation or allegiance, WPR can be broadly described as liberal internationalist, combining a reality-based approach that recognizes the need for all the tools and instruments of statecraft, with a preference for diplomacy and multilateralism in support of a rules- and norms-based global order.

While WPR is a for-profit, privately owned company, it is also a mission-based organization, committed to integrity, quality, and the principles of an intellectually honest press whose exclusive purpose is to inform readers.

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Uncompromising original analysis to help you better understand critical global trends: DAILY

Every day we publish multiple five-minute reads, including our Briefings, Columns and Trend Lines. Our briefings are written by our global network of expert contributors, on matters of current importance. Our lineup of five columnists provides a different authoritative take on international affairs every day of the week. Trend Lines items are brief looks at current events, written by our editors, including our "Global Insider" interview series.


WPR's in-depth, full-length reports provide comprehensive examinations of single subjects. These include our Features, Special Reports, and Country Reports.

Must-read news and opinion to help you closely follow important issues and events: News Wire

Our editors help you track the stories that you must follow to stay informed. The News Wire is published on the site and sent out by e-mail every weekday morning (U.S. Eastern time). Our editors link to approximately 30 items from the world's English-language press each weekday. These items include top news, opinion, and off-the-radar stories that have the potential to develop into headline news

Tools for convenient access to the information you need, when you need it.
  • Multiple ways to browse and search WPR's entire archives.
  • A tablet- and mobile-friendly website for optimal reading on any device.
  • Access to the WPR iPhone app with the same login credentials that you use for the website.
  • Institutional subscribers get access to the World Politics Review database on EBSCOhost.



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PublisherHampton Stephens

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