A Year of Conflict and Crisis for Africa

A Year of Conflict and Crisis for Africa
Rebels sit in the now-emptied hospital in Malakal, South Sudan, February 26, 2014 (AP Photo/Ilya Gridneff).

As President Barack Obama convenes a summit of nearly 50 African leaders in Washington focused mainly on economic opportunity, security and health crises continue to undermine the continent’s potential. South Sudan and the Central African Republic are torn by civil war; Nigeria and Kenya are threatened by terrorist groups; and Sierra Leone and Liberia are suffering from the worst Ebola outbreak to date. But while Western powers like the U.S. and France continue to wield influence, it is increasingly Africa’s leaders who are driving events. This report covers developments in every region of sub-Saharan Africa, drawing on articles since the beginning of 2014.

Continental Issues

Time for Obama to Make a Play in Africa
By Alexander Benard
Jan. 2, 2014

Going Missing: Filling the Gaps in African GDP Data
By Morten Jerven
Jan. 28, 2014

West Africa

U.S. Can Help With Nigeria’s Conflict, but Cannot Own It
By Steven Metz
May 14, 2014

North and West Africa Seek to Jumpstart Regional Counterterrorism Cooperation
By Lesley Anne Warner
May 14, 2014

France Digs in Across Region as Mali Security Deteriorates
By Celeste Hicks
May 14, 2014

Regional Security Role Shields Mauritania’s Aziz From Pressure to Reform
By Kal Ben Khalid
July 16, 2014

Climate Change Driving Farmer-Herder Conflict in Niger River Basin
By Owen McAleer
July 14, 2014

Burkina Faso’s Compaore Needs an Exit Strategy
By Lesley Anne Warner
Jan. 21, 2014

Elections Give Guinea-Bissau a Chance to Emerge From Turmoil
By Francisco Galamas
May 7, 2014

West African Ebola Outbreak Shows Difficulty of Coordinating Effective Response
An Interview with Jeremy Youde
July 16, 2014

East Africa

South Sudan Conflict Destabilizes Ethiopia’s Regional Strategy
By Harry Verhoeven
May 29, 2014

Big Tent: Ethiopia’s Authoritarian Balancing Act
By Terrence Lyons
Feb. 18, 2014

In Sidelining Rival, Uganda’s Museveni Might Drive Internal Challenges Underground
By Gaaki Kigambo
March 18, 2014

U.S. Struggles to Build Coherent Response to Ugandan Anti-Gay Law
By Matt Peterson
April 11, 2014

With World Focused on Boko Haram, al-Shabaab Steps Up Offensive
By Kathy Gilsinan
June 5, 2014

Central Africa

Central African Republic a Crisis Too Far for Chad’s Regional Security Ambitions
By Celeste Hicks
April 7, 2014

Without Chad, Central African Republic Talks Unlikely to Succeed
By Celeste Hicks
July 22, 2014

Regional Tensions Complicate South Sudan’s Crisis
By Gaaki Kigambo
Feb. 28, 2014

As Talks Stall, South Sudan Conflict Grinds to Stalemate
By Lesley Anne Warner
July 22, 2014

Why the Republic of Congo Has Sent Tens of Thousands of Migrants Back to DRC
By David Klion
July 21, 2014

Robust Peacekeeping, Diplomacy Put Peace in Reach in Eastern DRC
By Laura Seay
July 2, 2014

Attacks on Rwanda’s Exiles Reveal Deeper Troubles for Kagame
By Jon Rosen
April 7, 2014

Kagame’s Rwanda Presents South Africa With Delicate Balancing Act
By James Hamill
March 24, 2014

Maintaining Power-Sharing in Burundi’s Army Top Priority in Current Crisis
An Interview with Stef Vandeginste
March 13, 2014