Opposition Victory in Mauritius Sign of Fatigue With Labour Party

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The center-right opposition coalition Alliance Lepep won a landslide victory in Mauritius’ general election earlier this month. In an email interview, Roukaya Kasenally, director of programs and knowledge management at the African Media Initiative, discussed Mauritian politics.


Zimbabwe Infighting Opens Mugabe Succession Battle

By James Hamill
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In Zimbabwe, where President Robert Mugabe recently dismissed his vice president, the ruling ZANU-PF party’s internal strife has gone public. That is a measure of the depth of the party’s crisis and a clear indication that factions are now making moves to secure the post-Mugabe succession. more

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Namibia’s SWAPO Wins Landslide Despite Popular Dissatisfaction

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Namibia’s ruling South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) party won last month’s presidential election with over 86 percent of the vote. In an email interview, Elke Zuern, professor of politics at Sarah Lawrence College, discussed Namibia’s domestic politics. more