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Venezuela a Test Case for U.S. to Navigate South America’s New Normal

The crisis in Venezuela captures the new normal of inter-American relations. UNASUR, a regional South American body, is playing a prominent role in fostering dialogue, while the U.S., though keen to shape Venezuela’s post-Chavez trajectory, is unsure of how to make a constructive impact. This unfolding episode serves as further reminder that U.S. foreign policy toward South America remains largely unsettled.


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World Citizen: Piketty Puts Economic Inequality on U.S. Political Map

When a book about economics becomes a No. 1 bestseller, it says as much about society as it does about the book. That’s why the explosive rise of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” by Thomas Piketty, is so revealing. Piketty’s work, on its own, is an impressive accomplishment. But the fact that it has been welcomed so enthusiastically by such a wide spectrum of the population proves that it has hit a nerve.