Migrant Workers in Russia Hit by Ruble Collapse, Xenophobia

Russia is not the only country affected by the ruble’s collapse. Under President Vladimir Putin, it has been one of the world’s leading destinations for immigrants, many of whom send remittances home to Central Asia and the Caucasus. The projected cost to these economies in 2015 could be as high as $10 billion.


Prisoners of Oslo: Palestine After the Peace Process

Two decades after the Oslo Accords, nationhood seems more distant than ever for the Palestinians who returned to the West Bank hoping to build a new state. Reporting from Bethlehem, George Hale assesses the bleak mood of post-Oslo Palestine, where no peace with Israel is in sight.

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Oasis or Mirage? Jordan’s Unlikely Stability in a Changing Middle East

The uprisings beginning in 2010, known as the Arab Spring, shook the Middle East to its foundations. Yet Jordan appeared to be a virtual oasis of calm in the midst of turmoil. In a volatile neighborhood, Jordanian stability remains nothing short of remarkable. But is Jordan an oasis or a mirage?