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Low-Key Caspian Sea Summit Has Far-Reaching Implications

The leaders of all five littoral states attended the fourth Caspian Sea summit in the Russian city of Astrakhan yesterday, where they reached important agreements on some issues. Yet, others continue to divide them, with implications that reach far beyond the Caspian.


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Once Foes, Uganda and DRC Cooperate, but Friendly Ties Far Off

By The Editors

Last month, senior diplomats from Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo met to discuss bilateral relations. In an email interview, Gaaki Kigambo, a journalist in Uganda, discussed current efforts to improve relations between between the two countries.


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Strategic Posture Review: South Korea

As a fully democratic and developed country, South Korea has realized its aspirations to become a major international player. Nonetheless, the persistent threat from North Korea, along with the challenge of having three of the world’s most powerful countries as neighbors, continues to constrain South Korea.