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U.S. Strategy for Defeating the Islamic State Group Won't Work

President Barack Obama’s strategy for dealing with the Islamic State group appeals to a weary nation, but it is unlikely to work because it violates two cardinal rules of strategy: The resources are not commensurate with the objectives, and the coalition’s objectives are not in sync.


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Juncker Shakes Up European Commission With New Policy Teams

Last week, European Commission President-designate Jean-Claude Juncker named the rest of his team of commissioners and their policy areas. The latest announcements have generated a lot of discussion in EU circles about how the posts were distributed among candidates and countries.


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Waiting for Disruption: The Western Sahara Stalemate

The Western Sahara conflict is fast approaching its 40th anniversary with no end in sight. A web of geopolitical interests keeps the conflict in a permanent state of limbo. Therein lies the paradox: The peace process now exists to contain the conflict, but only a crisis will save Western Sahara.


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Strategic Posture Review: South Korea

As a fully democratic and developed country, South Korea has realized its aspirations to become a major international player. Nonetheless, the persistent threat from North Korea, along with the challenge of having three of the world’s most powerful countries as neighbors, continues to constrain South Korea.