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Diplomatic Fallout

No Passing Fad, Russia-China Friendship Puts West in a Bind

Russia and China are good friends these days, and their bond seems likely to be a persistent feature of international diplomacy for some time. It is less clear whether this will fundamentally undermine the current, Western-dominated international system or merely inconvenience it.


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Ruling Coalition in Belgium Risks Alienating French-Speakers

Belgium is known for its complicated politics, thanks in large part to linguistic divisions. But the new government, with only one francophone party and a hardline Flemish nationalist party, has raised new questions about its ability to fairly represent both Flanders and Wallonia.


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Armed and Dangerous: Self-Defense Groups in Weak States

The emergence of self-defense groups in Mexico earlier this year is yet another chapter in the history of nonstate actors that contest the government’s monopoly on violence. Parallel cases in Colombia, El Salvador and Nigeria can help illustrate how such groups form and why they persist.


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Latin American Tiger: Can Panama Get Expansion Right?

Panama’s new government has set its sights on weeding out corruption, which has marred the country’s efforts to become the Singapore of the Western Hemisphere. The economy is roaring. The question is whether politics—and in particular corruption—will ultimately drag Panama down.