WPR Top 10 March 17-23

The top 10 most-read articles on World Politics Review last week:

1. Are Unmanned Airplanes the U.S. Air Force’s Salvation?
2. Nabucco Follies: State Department Shills for EU Pipeline to Carry Iranian Gas
3. After Surprising Elections, True Test of Malaysian Democracy Lies Ahead
4. Saakashvili-Bush Summit Faces Serious Obstacles
5. As Tibet Burns, Exiles in Nepal Feel the Heat
6. Rebellion in Northern Niger Exacts Large Human, Economic Toll
7. Bucharest Summit Offers an Opportunity to Begin Repairing NATO’s Warfighting Capacity
8. Rights & Wrongs: Afghanistan, China, Syria and Zimbabwe
9. The United Nations’ Unscientific War on Biotechnology
10. Migration, Governance at Root of Global Shortage of Health Care Workers