WPR Top 10 Jan. 14-20

The most-read World Politics Review articles from Monday, Jan. 14 through yesterday:

1. State Department’s Plan to Cut Diplomats is Ill-Conceived
2. Transatlantic Intelligencer: Saddam’s Money, German Iranian Trade, and More
3. Iran’s Hormuz Actions Help Israel Make its Case
4. Battle Over Suharto’s Legacy a Test for Modern Indonesia
5. Colombia-Venezuela Rift Grows as Chávez Appears to Confirm Support for FARC
6. More Allied, Not U.S., Forces Key to Success in Afghanistan
7. Hamas and Islamic Millenarianism: What the West Doesn’t Recognize
8. Indian Soaps Fall to Islamic Censorship in Afghanistan
9. Militant ‘Farmer’ and French Government Make Common Cause in GM Crop Ban
10. Corridors of Power: Sarko on the Record, Khalilzad for President, and More

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