WPR Contributors Writing Elsewhere

We like to do all we can to highlight the work of World Politics Review contributors — even when that work appears elsewhere. To that end, we’ll begin posting links to WPR contributors’ writings in other outlets in this space. If you’re a WPR contributor, email us with links for this feature:

–Luke Hunt wrote about Vietnamese spy Pham Xuan An for World Politics Review shortly after An’s death in 2006. In the latest issue of The Correspondent, the monthly magazine of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondent’s Club, Hunt reviews “Perfect Spy,” a book on An by Larry Berman.

Kelly Hearn contributes print news as well as audio to World Politics Review, and has been a contributor since this publication’s infancy. In the Washington Post on Jan. 31, he wrote about a lawsuit brought by Peru’s Achuar indians against a California oil company.

Richard Weitz is a WPR contributing editor and one of our most frequent contributors on a wide variety of subjects. In Eurasianet on Jan. 28, he looked at language politics in Central Asia.

John Rosenthal is World Politics Review’s translations editor and another prolific contributor. In the December-January issue of Policy Review, he wrote about the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui.

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