U.S.-China Rivalry in the Trump Era

U.S.-China Rivalry in the Trump Era

Explore how U.S.-China relations have evolved in the Trump era. Download your FREE copy of U.S.-China Rivalry in the Trump Era today.

Integrating China into the liberal trade order was expected to have a moderating effect on Beijing. Instead, under President Xi Jinping, China has asserted its military control over the South China Sea and cracked down on domestic dissent, all while continuing to use unfair trade practices to boost its economy.

Download U.S.-China Rivalry in the Trump Era today to take a deeper look the relationship, the Trump administration’s policy, and a glimpse at what the future may hold.

In this report, you will learn about all aspects of the U.S.-China rivalry, including:

  • Why the United States’ China policy needs to be recalibrated
  • Why a Cold War with China would be so costly
  • How China and the United States are competing for young minds in Southeast Asia
  • Why China’s naval buildup is a real challenge to the U.S. Navy’s dominance
  • What America’s China debate gets right and wrong—and what it’s missing

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