The Myth of the Transparent Executive?

I was about to second this Secrecy News item by expressing my disappointment with the overhauled White House Website. Say what you will about what went on behind the scenes under the Bush administration, but its Website archived the president’s official statements and executive orders.

Then I clicked through to link to the new WH site and saw that since the last time I’d checked it out, they added a Presidential Actions option under the “Briefing Room” menu tab that includes Executive Orders, memoranda and proclamations. There’s also an appointments and nominations option under the same menu tab. So, good on them.

But the Presidential Policy Directive reorganizing the NSC and Study Directive reorganizing Homeland Security that SN mentions (and got its hands on, at the link) are still nowhere to be found.

I’ll refer back to the title of SN’s post, White House Web Site Off to a Slow Start, and check back in regularly. In the meantime, some patience might be in order. They’ve got a lot on their plate these days.

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