The Materials Seized at the ‘Multi-Kultur-Haus’ in Neu-Ulm

In his report on the Islamist scene in the southern German towns of Ulm and Neu-Ulm, Roland Ströbele mentions the “incendiary” materials, “inciting hatred” toward Christians and Jews, that were seized by local police during a raid on the “Multi-Kultur-Haus” (MHK), an Islamic cultural center in Neu-Ulm. In a press release issued on December 28, 2005, the Bavarian Interior Ministry explained its decision to have the Multi-Kultur-Haus shut down and provided some examples of the materials seized. Here a translated excerpt:

– For example, in a paper back edition in the MKH library titled “The Beliefs of the Sunni Community,” Christian and Jews are presented as enemies who must be executed if they do not show remorse and convert to Islam. A citation: “It is our belief that if anyone claims that any other currently existing religion — any other religion than Islam, that is: for example, Christianity, Judaism, etc. — is acceptable to Allah, then this person is an unbeliever. He should be encouraged to show remorse and if he does not do so, he must be put to death as an apostate (murtad), since he has denied the Quran.”

– A textbook titled “Jihad in God’s Cause” that was seized on August 23, 2005, in the so-called “Women’s Prayer Room” of the MKH contains the following passage: “The special meaning of Jihad runs as follows: Kill the unbelievers, once they have received the call to convert to Islam and have been made familiar with its true meaning. . . .” Another passage of this book asserts: “. . . if non-Muslims should refuse to follow the example of the believers, there is an obligation to kill them.”

– The audiocassettes “No to the Jews / The Thousand-Appeals of the Khalidin” and “El Rawabi El Jihadi”, seized on August 23, 2005, in the MKH library, openly call for the killing of Jews. A citation: “Oh, Most Worthy One, . . . send us bombs to kill the Jews. No to the Jews! No to the Jews!” . . . The CD “Iraq”, which was seized in the kitchenette of the MKH on August 23 2005, contains, for instance, the following: “To triumph does not only mean killing the unbelievers, but also killing oneself in order to strike back at the unbelievers! . . . Whoever fights against the Christians, the Jews, and their allies is a martyr . . .”