The Global Rise of Populism

The Global Rise of Populism

Across the world, populism has become a prominent feature of the political landscape. This report provides a comprehensive look at the rise of populism and its implications for liberal democracies. Download your FREE copy of The Global Rise of Populism today.

In Europe, an anti-immigrant backlash against the 2015 migrant crisis helped fuel the rise of far-right, nationalist parties whose leaders often adopt a populist style. The Brexit referendum in 2016 appeared to be the highwater mark of the populist wave, but in Eastern and Southern Europe, and even in Scandinavia, populist parties continue to either govern or enjoy widespread popularity. In the U.S., Donald Trump used a populist style of politics, complete with demonizing immigrants and Muslims, to win the 2016 presidential election. Since taking office, his willingness to upend democratic norms has raised fears about the prospects for America’s democracy. And in Asia, leaders like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have alarmed observers with their willingness to exploit populist appeals, even at the risk of provoking violence against vulnerable populations.

Download The Global Rise of Populism today to take a deeper look at this trend and a glimpse at what the future may hold.

In this report, you will learn about all aspects of the rise of populism, including:

  • How populism threatens liberal democracy.
  • Why Asia’s rising populists could be more dangerous to democracy than the West’s
  • How this trend is making the world more dangerous
  • Why the populist wave is likely to continue
  • What populism looks like in Asia, Europe and beyond

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