Special Report: The State of Democracy

Special Report: The State of Democracy
The Arab Spring has focused attention on democracy’s prospects in the Middle East. But the Arab world is not the only region at a democratic crossroads. In Africa and Asia, young democracies are coming under pressure to consolidate gains. In Europe, the financial crisis is putting postcommunist democratic institutions under strain. And in Latin America, a diverse variety of democratic governance remains healthy, but fragile. This WPR special report examines the state of democracy.

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Middle East

From Democracy Deficit to Democracy Envy in the Middle East
By Nader Habibi
February 24, 2011

Egypt Ponders Meaning of Morsi’s Soft Coup
By Frida Ghitis
August 16, 2012

Democracy not the Only Missed Opportunity in Egypt
By Andrew Exum
June 20, 2012

SCAF’s Poor Transition Planning to Blame for Egypt’s Looming Crisis
By Max Strasser
March 29, 2012

Assault on Press Freedom Threatens Turkey’s Democracy
By Frida Ghitis
April 12, 2012


In Ethiopia, Post-Zenawi Void Could Create Opening for Reform
By Peter Dörrie
August 13, 2012

Despite Gains, Ghana Must Remain Vigilant on Democracy
By Catherine Cheney
July 26, 2012

In Kenya, Pressure Builds to Implement New Constitution
By Brian Dabbs
July 6, 2012

Mauritius a Model of Real Democracy, Not Ideal Democracy
Interview with Deborah Brautigam
May 4, 2012

Senegal’s Democracy Passes Test, but Challenges Remain for Sall
By Catherine Cheney
March 27, 2012


Asia’s Surprising Democratic Renaissance
By Benjamin Reilly
March 20, 2012

In Indonesia, Radical Islam Threatens Democracy
By Prashanth Parameswaran
October 26, 2011

Regional Impact of Thailand’s Withering Democracy
By Fabio Scarpello
December 14, 2010

Thailand’s Withering Democracy Leading to Political Impasse
By Fabio Scarpello
December 3, 2010

Nepal’s Crisis Has Region on Edge
By Anuradha Sharma & Vishal Arora
June 21, 2012

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi Must Make Leap From Democracy Icon to Politician
By Catherine Cheney
April 20, 2012

Presidential Election Shows Great Progress for Timor-Leste’s Democracy
Interview with Gordon Peake
March 27, 2012

Political Instability in the Maldives Could Have Regional Fallout
By Vishal Arora
February 16, 2012


Eastern Europe’s Democratic Erosion Threatens EU Cohesion
By Ulrike Guérot
July 16, 2012

Europe Nears Its Hamiltonian Moment
By Ulrike Guérot
June 25, 2012

Eastern Europe’s Postcommunist Transformations
By Grzegorz Ekiert
March 20, 2012

Latin America

Latin America, the World’s Democracy Lab
By Frida Ghitis
July 5, 2012

The Diversity of Latin American Democracy
By Mark P. Jones
March 20, 2012

El Salvador Constitutional Crisis Has Deep Roots
Interview with Linda Garrett
July 10, 2012

Learning From Honduras, Paraguay Opts for a ‘Coup-lite’
By Catherine Cheney
June 26, 2012

South America’s Governance Agenda
By Michael Shifter and Alexis Arthur
October 11, 2011

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