Special Report: Mexico’s Moment of Truth

Special Report: Mexico’s Moment of Truth

This WPR Special Report compiles news, analysis and opinion from WPR’s pages to provide insight into the Mexican government’s war against the criminal enterprises that control the country’s drug trade. The report includes expert analysis on the war on the ground, the local and federal response to the problem, and the future of Mexican politics and policy.

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The Pre-2009 Environment

‘Merida Initiative’ Would Provide Counter-Drug Aid to Mexico, but Congress Remains Skeptical
By Guy Taylor
December 13, 2007

Focus on U.S.-Mexico Cooperation Ignores Differing Interests in Drug War
By Patrick Corcoran
March 26, 2008

Has Mexico Descended Into Civil War?

By Malcolm Beith
June 3, 2008

Drugs, Energy, Economy Beset Mexico’s Calderón in Second Year

By David Agren
July 16, 2008

Mexico Needs a Comprehensive Security Commission to Overcome Rampant Criminality

By Patrick Corcoran
September 3, 2008

Mexico’s Narco-Insurgency

By Hal Brands
December 22, 2008

The 2009 Drug War On the Ground

Demand and the Mexican Drug War
BY Andrew Bast
March 2, 2009

Human Smuggling Rings Drive Mexico Violence
By Joseph Kirschke
March 30, 2009

Los Zetas and Mexico’s Transnational Drug War

BY Hal Brands
September 15, 2009

Local/Federal Response

Mexico Stems Juarez Violence with Federal Intervention
By Patrick Burns
March 30, 2009

Mexico’s Drug War Turns Political
By David Agren
June 10, 2009

La Familia Grows, Mexico’s Drug War Flails

By Malcolm Beith
August 14, 2009

Security Remains Stable Amid Financial Crisis

BY Thomas P.M. Barnett
August 24, 2009p

Policy, Politics and the Future

Mexico’s Calderón Shifts Gears on Security Agenda
By Patrick Corcoran
November 9, 2009

Why America’s War on Drugs Will Wane
By Thomas P.M. Barnett
November 9, 2009

The Austin Accords of March, 2031

By Thomas P.M. Barnett
November 24, 2009

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