Special Report: Global Insider, Collected Interviews

Special Report: Global Insider, Collected Interviews

Global Insider is an ongoing World Politics Review interview series that examines developing trends in geopolitics. From energy issues and policy close-ups to bilateral and regional relations, Global Insider explores the foundations and implications of new developments in international affairs through the voices of pre-eminent experts hailing from government, academia and research institutions. Global Insider is published 3-5 times per week on the Trend Lines page.

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Energy Issues

Qatar’s Natural Gas Industry
By Giacomo Luciani

Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Energy Plans
By Giacomo Luciani

Myanmar’s Energy and Trade Relations
By Matthew Smith

Russia-India Energy Ties
By Jörg Himmelreich

Russia-Japan Energy Cooperation
By Michael Bradshaw

U.S.-Russia 123 Agreement
By Richard Weitz

U.S.-South Korea Nuclear Agreement
By Mark Hibbs

Argentina’s Nuclear Program
By W. Alejandro Sanchez

The Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline
By Harsh V. Pant

Policy Close-Ups

Rebel Disarmament
By Robert Muggah

Proliferation Security Initiative
By Mark J. Valencia

Africa’s Telecom Infrastructure
By Patricia K. McCormick

EAC Monetary Union
By Steven Buigut

The Pacific Agreement
By Augusto Varas

China’s Currency Swaps
By Daniel McDowell

Nile Basin Water Rights
By Aaron Wolf

Eurasian Rail Network
By Taleh Ziyadov and Regine Spector

Diplomatic Immunity
By Linda Frey and Marsha Frey

East African Community Infrastructure
By Andrew Roberts

Bilateral Ties

China-Sri Lanka Relations
By Swaran Singh

India-Myanmar Relations
By K. Yhome

Egypt-Saudi Arabia Relations
By Michael Wahid Hanna

U.S.-Turkmenistan Relations
By Luca Anceschi

India-Pakistan Trade Relations
By Mohsin S. Khan

Egypt-Palestine Relations
By David Schenker

Brazil-India Relations
By Oliver Stuenkel

Russia-Turkey Relations
By Jenia Ustinova

Regional Relations

Iraq-GCC Relations
By Sean Foley

Asia-EU Relations
By Jonas Parello-Plesner

Turkey-Latin America Relations
By Gareth Jenkins

Turkey-Africa Relations
By Thomas Wheeler

India-Latin America Relations
By Mauricio Mesquita Moreira

India-Central Asia Relations
By Emilian Kavalski

India-Africa Relations
By Elizabeth Sidiropoulos