Special Report: Energy and Politics in Eurasia

Special Report: Energy and Politics in Eurasia

This WPR Special Report compiles news, analysis and opinion from WPR’s pages to provide insight into what some are calling the new “Great Game” — the political battle for influence and control over the production, sale and transit of oil and gas across Eurasia — from Europe to the Caucasus, to Iran, to South and Central Asia.

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South Asia, Iran and the IPI Pipeline

Pipeline Politics: Iran Looks to Send Natural Gas East

By Peter Kiernan
May 28, 2008

Nuclear Deal Done, India Gives IPI Pipeline a Second Look

By Siddharth Srivastava
November 5, 2008

Overhauling the Iran Sanctions Act
By Peter Doran
December 16, 2008

Can Pakistan Deliver on its Energy Promise?
By Mustafa Qadri
December 18, 2009

Central Asia, the Caucusus and the Caspian

Baku Summit Ends Decade-Long Feud, Creating Energy Opportunities
By Richard Weitz
June 4, 2008

Central Asia’s Energy Chessboard

By John Daly
December 22, 2008

Central Asia and the U.S.-Russia ‘Reset’
By Peter Kiernan
May 5, 2009

Another Success and a New Challenge for Turkey’s Gas Diplomacy
By Andrea Bonzanni
September 2, 2009

Europe, the West and Nabucco

The Nabucco Carrot and U.S.-Iran Engagement
By Joshua Kucera
May 5, 2009

EU Energy Security and Bulgaria’s Nuclear Option

By Peter Doran
May 25, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction for Nabucco

By Peter Kiernan
July 20, 2009

For the West, ‘Game Over’ in Central Asia
By Andrea Bonzanni
January 8, 2010

Turkey-Azerbaijan Meeting Keeps Nabucco Alive
By Andrea Bonzanni
January 21, 2010