Special Report: Colombia Contemplates a New Normal

Special Report: Colombia Contemplates a New Normal

With FARC peace talks offering hope of a final settlement, Colombia is looking to cement the gains of the past decade. To do so will require filling in significant gaps in governance and building on the economic momentum provided by the U.S. free trade agreement and the Pacific Alliance. This World Politics Review special report looks at Colombia’s steps toward a new era of stability.

Governance and Security

Colombia’s Santos Gambles on FARC Talks

By Frida Ghitis
September 6, 2012

After It Makes Peace, Colombia Must Govern
By Adam Isacson
April 12, 2013

Chávez’s Absence Casts Shadow Over Colombia Peace Talks
By Andrew Rosati
March 5, 2013

The FARC’s Last Stand
By Anastasia Moloney
March 31, 2009

Peace in Colombia Requires Deal With ELN as Well as FARC
By Adam Isacson
July 22, 2013

Bogota Bombing Could Overshadow Colombia’s Broader Security Threats
By Catherine Cheney
May 18, 2012

Beyond the FARC, Colombia’s ‘Other’ Armed Groups Remain a Potent Threat
By Anastasia Moloney
January 24, 2012

Colombia Brings Civil Society, Land Reform Into Peace Talks
By Carolina Ramirez
January 14, 2013

Colombia’s IDP Crisis: Caught in the Crossfire
By Anastasia Moloney
February 8, 2011

Once Derided, Colombia’s Security Forces in Global Demand
Interview with Elyssa Pachico
July 18, 2012

Re-Sheathing the Sword: The Uncertain Future of Colombia’s Civil-Military Relations
By Adam Isacson
April 30, 2013

Energy and Resources

As Mining Sector Takes Off, Colombia Must Take Care
By Alexis Arthur
April 11, 2012

Colombia’s Oil Industry: Between Boom and Frenzy
By Sean Goforth
March 19, 2012

Despite Peace Talks, Colombia’s Oil Industry Increasingly Under Attack
By Christina L. Madden
January 29, 2013

Trade and Regional Relations

The Pacific Alliance a New Center of Gravity in Hemispheric Trade
By Eric Farnsworth
June 3, 2013

Pacific Alliance Is Set on a Promising Path
Interview with Gian Luca Gardini
November 27, 2012

Colombia Jumps on the China Bandwagon

Interview with Benjamin Creutzfeldt
May 24, 2012

U.S.-Colombia FTA Driven More by Geopolitics Than Economics
By Amy Lieberman
March 19, 2012

Colombia-Nicaragua ICJ Case Tests Region’s Crisis Resolution Mechanisms
By Michael Shifter and Cameron Combs
December 5, 2012

Global Insider: Despite Thaw, Trust Still Elusive for Colombia, Venezuela
By Adam Isacson
February 1, 2012

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