Special Report: Can ASEAN Find Its Way?

Special Report: Can ASEAN Find Its Way?

Though Southeast Asia’s economies continue to grow, their regional bloc, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, has struggled to match its economic clout with political credibility. This World Politics Review special report looks at the political and security challenges facing ASEAN and the diverging paths of its member states.


To Heal Divisions, Brunei Must Take Proactive Role in ASEAN Disputes
By Richard Javad Heydarian
January 9, 2013

ASEAN Struggles for Relevance in South China Sea Disputes
By Mark Valencia
April 26, 2012

Taiwan-Philippines Spat Unlikely to Damage Broader ASEAN Relationship
Interview with Hui-Yi Katherine Tseng
June 10, 2013

Myanmar’s Reforms Put Rights Spotlight on ASEAN
By Loc Doan
October 17, 2012

ASEAN’s Partners

East Asia Summit: U.S. and China, With ASEAN in the Middle
By Roberto Tofani
November 23, 2011

Cambodia Highlights Challenges to U.S. Asia Pivot
By Roberto Tofani
December 21, 2012

China’s New Approach to SCS Disputes Makes Maritime Code of Conduct Unlikely
By Iain Mills
July 11, 2012

China’s Growing Security Role in Southeast Asia Raises Hopes and Fears
By Ian Storey
July 5, 2013

Europe’s Smart Pivot: The European Union in the Asian Century
By Javier Solana
June 25, 2013

Amid Regional Rivalries, Japan Remains a Vital Partner for ASEAN
By Jonathan Berkshire Miller
December 3, 2012

Japan’s Abe Seeks Regional Mechanism to Counter Assertive China
By Abhijit Singh
February 1, 2013

South Korea Sees a Bright Future with ASEAN
Interview with David Arase
May 31, 2012


Indonesia in Asia’s Changing Balance of Power
By Ann Marie Murphy
March 11, 2013

Despite Past Successes, Indonesia Faces Major Challenges to Achieve Potential
By Fergus Hanson
April 26, 2013


Thailand Under Yingluck: Part I
By Pongphisoot Busbarat
February 28, 2013

Thailand Under Yingluck: Part II
By Pongphisoot Busbarat
March 1, 2013

Thailand’s Southern Insurgents Raise the Heat Before Talks
By Jeff Moore
February 28, 2013


Vietnam’s Political Crisis Blocks Needed Reforms
By Adam Fforde
July 2, 2013

Despite Slowing Economy, Vietnam Resists Reforms
By Loc Doan
September 27, 2012

Military Dimensions of Japan-Vietnam Cooperation on the Rise
Interview with Corey Wallace
May 3, 2013

Strategic Posture Review: Vietnam
By Carlyle A. Thayer
January 15, 2013


Structural Weaknesses, China Tensions Threaten Philippines’ Growth
By Richard Javad Heydarian
January 18, 2013

Philippines Running Out of Options in South China Sea Disputes
By Richard Javad Heydarian
December 21, 2012

Return to Relevance: The Philippine-U.S. Alliance
By Renato Cruz De Castro
July 9, 2013

Partnership, Respect Guide U.S. Military Role in Philippines
By David S. Maxwell
February 5, 2013


After 55 Years, Political Transition in Malaysia Has Never Been More Likely
By Catherine Cheney
April 12, 2013

Najib’s Narrow Win Exposes Problems in Malaysian Electoral System
By Catherine Cheney
May 6, 2013

Sabah Insurgency a Setback for Malaysia’s Role as Regional Conflict Mediator
By Johan Saravanamuttu
March 15, 2013


Myanmar’s Thein Sein Delivers Political Reform, Lags in Economic Liberalization
By Catherine Cheney
May 21, 2013

In Transition to Civilian Rule, Myanmar Can Learn From Chile
By Jane Esberg
January 10, 2013

A House Divided: Finding Peace in Multiethnic Myanmar
By Jim Della-Giacoma and Richard Horsey
September 10, 2013