Special Report: Afghanistan

Special Report: Afghanistan

This WPR special report on the Afghanistan war compiles news, analysis and opinion from WPR’s pages to provide insight into the situation on the ground, as well as the strategic questions faced by U.S. and coalition policymakers. Contributors to the report include, Spencer Ackerman, David Axe, Andrew Bast, Andrew Exum, Joshua Foust, Judah Grunstein, Seth Rosen, Vikram Singh, Hampton Stephens, Balint Szlanko, and Richard Weitz.

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Abu Muqawama on Afghanistan: An Interview with Andrew Exum
By Judah Grunstein
July 29, 2009

Policy and Strategy

Afghanistan is Not Iraq: Reasons to Be Wary of Another Surge
By Vikram Singh
July 25, 2008

Do All Roads Lead to Afghanistan?

By Richard Weitz
February 10, 2009

Less is Not More in Afghanistan

By Seth Rosen
March 27, 2009

British Roots for Obama’s Afghanistan Plan?

By Hampton Stephens
March 27, 2009

Counterinsurgents in the Halls of Power

By Spencer Ackerman
March 31, 2009

Conventional Wisdom Won’t Work in Afghanistan

By Joshua Foust
July 17, 2009

Fighting the Afghanistan Strategy

By Andrew Bast
August 7, 2009

In Afghanistan, U.S. Experiments Again with Local Militias

By David Axe
May 20, 2009

Afghanistan: From ‘Forgotten War’ to Long War

By Balint Szlanko
July 31, 2009

On the Ground

Late to the PRT
By Andrew Bast
March 16, 2009

In Afghanistan’s Provinces, Troops Aren’t Enough

By Joshua Foust
March 23, 2009

Going it Alone in Afghanistan

By Andrew Bast
March 30, 2009

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