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WPR at 15

Fifteen years ago, when World Politics Review began publishing original reporting and commentary on global affairs, the world was in many ways a very different place. Over the years, as the events, issues and debates at the forefront of international politics have evolved, so too has WPR. Through all the changes, though, one thing has remained constant: WPR’s commitment to quality and integrity, in the service of our mission “to help our readers identify and make sense of the events and trends shaping our world.”

We’ve selected the following 30 in-depth articles from WPR’s archives based on a variety of criteria—some for the excellence of the writing and reporting that went into them; some for the enduring importance of the issues they deal with; some for their prescience about trends whose significance was not widely recognized at the time they were written; and some for the creativeness of their approach. It is hardly an exhaustive collection, but it is representative of the range of issues, trends and ideas we have judged to be important and compelling over the past 15 years. We look forward to continue finding those important and compelling topics, and bringing them to the attention of our readers, for the next 15 years—and more!