Seen and Heard: Blog Rundown

– If you’re wondering about the nuclear liability legislation that’s holding up implementation of the U.S.-India nuclear agreement, Pragati has a great backgrounder.

– Ajai Shukla’s got a gem on how Pakistan is busy protecting itself in the NWFP from extremist militants that New Delhi is convinced are targeting India:

Longstanding linkages still remain between the Pakistan Army and the jihadis it midwifed. And where both sides find a convergence of interests, they can still work together. But only in India does the belief still run strong that the Pakistani establishment controls and directs the jihadis in a meaningful way.

Worth reading, too, for Shuklai’s analysis of the implications for Pakistan’s policy toward Afghanistan.

– Yigal Schleifer flags the fundamental limitation of Turkey’s “zero problems” foreign policy: Sooner or later, something comes along where everybody’s got to pick a side. For Turkey, it looks like that “something” is Iran’s nuclear program.