Putin Tries to Boost China-Russia Relations

Attempting to boost relations between Moscow and Beijing, the Russian prime minister has met the Chinese President as part of a two-day visit. Both countries have talked about building up a stretegic relationship, with new business and trade deals.

Liberian Elections Under Way

Liberians have gone to the polls in large numbers for the second presidential election held since the nation was gripped by civil war. The country’s election commission says results are due Thursday in the contest pitting Nobel Peace Prize recipient and incumbent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf against former diplomat Winston Tubman.

Violent Clashes Between Christians and Military In Egypt

Egypt is witnessing some of the most intense violence since the February uprising which overthrew former president Hosni Mubarak. Three soldiers have been killed in Egypt by Christians protesting against a recent attack on a church in Cairo.

S. Korea Hopes to Reunite With North

With North and South Korea technically still at war after more than 60 years, a possible reunification of the two remains hindered by vast ideological differences and recent military altercations. However, South Korea continues to entertain the notion and is now promoting a government-funded Internet news outlet that advocates reunification with the North.

U.S. Navy Looks to a Biofueled Future

In its goal to significantly decrease its dependency on foreign oil, the U.S. Navy has successfully tested its first unmanned reconnaissance helicopter powered by biofuel. The trial was the second successful test for the Navy in as many weeks.

Afghanistan 10 Years On: Slow Progress and Failed Promises

This report produced by the human rights advocacy organization Amnesty International asserts that 10 years after a US-led military invasion removed the Taliban from Afghanistan, the Afghan government and its international supporters have failed to keep many of the promises they made to the Afghan people.

Report: Serious Communications Gaps at Camps for Somali Refugees are Putting Lives at Risk

Serious communication gaps between the humanitarian sector and refugees in Dadaab, Kenya, are increasing refugee suffering and putting lives at risk, according to a new joint assessment report released by Internews, an international media development organization. Internews led the assessment and produced this video.

Palestine Statehood Discussed in Tehran and New York

In Tehran, the annual international pro-Palestine conference has gotten underway as the United Nations Security Council opened its discussions on Palestine’s bid for recognition.

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