We Invented It, Let’s Use It

As the “global war on terrorism” enters its fifth year, it has become increasingly evident that the United States and its allies are involved in an ideological war, in which propaganda and moral suasion will play a large part. Some Bush administration officials, such as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, have recently jettisoned the “GWOT” moniker in favor of the less martial and more comprehensive “struggle against violent extremism.” National security advisor Stephen Hadley has also begun emphasizing the ideological nature of this conflict, recently telling a reporter that the United States is involved in “more than just a military war […]

Uncle Sam’s Blog

The Bush administration’s latest budget contains a significant increasein spending on ”public diplomacy” — government-sponsored programs tocommunicate with the citizens of other countries through the media andcultural and educational exchanges. The increase has been met with asigh of relief from foreign policy watchers who believe publicdiplomacy is an essential pillar of American ”soft power” and havewatched that pillar slowly crumble since the end of the Cold War. During the Cold War, the US Information Agency led America’s publicdiplomacy assault, broadcasting Radio Free Europe to Soviet Blocstates, broadcasting the Voice of America throughout the world, andsponsoring numerous alternatives to state-sponsored media […]