What’s European About Islamism in Europe?
Could Europe’s anti-Americanism be fueling the ideology of European Islamists? In his fascinating analysis in the latest issue of Policy Review, John Rosenthal concludes that it is. The article is great further reading for anyone interested in what’s happening in France right now, one aspect of which is reported in the post below, between some French Muslims and the larger French society. Rosenthal uses as the basis for his article interviews that were conducted by French social scientist Farhad Khosrokhavar with suspected al-Qaida associates in French prisons. What those interviews reveal, as reported by Rosenthal, are the would-be jihadists’ multilayered [...]
A Year After French Riots, Violence Flares in Banlieues
A year after riots rocked the suburbs of French cities, French Police are denouncing what they see as coordinated attacks on their officers by Muslim youth in Paris’s banlieues. An official of one right-leaning French police union has even labeled the new round of attacks an “intifada” against French police. The latest incident occurred Friday night and early Saturday morning in the Paris suburb of Epinay-sur-Seine, when police responding to reports of thievery were ambushed by a group of youths wielding stones and other weapons. One officer was injured when a stone hit him in the jaw, according to accounts [...]
Commentary Week in Review: North Korea All the Time
Georgia is on the brink of war with Russia, a place where journalists get murdered by government hit men. But really we should be watching nearby Belarus, the capital of illegal arms deals. Everything is coming undone in Nicaragua and 650,000 have died in Iraq, from which U.S. troops should pull out immediately. These were among the striking claims put forth by op-ed writers this week. But let’s not kid ourselves. Really, it was North Korea, North Korea, North Korea all the time. Not since the Israel-Hezbollah conflagration three months ago have the world’s opinion pages been so blindingly focused [...]
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