Quick Links from Around the Blogosphere

A few quick links from our afternoon blog reading:

–Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic gives McCain the benefit of the doubt on his “100 years” comment.

–Russia Blog says McCain’s view of Russia is doublethink.

–The Washington Realist highlights conservative criticisms of a League of Democracies.

–EURSOC says Carlamania continues in Britain in the wake of Sarko’s trip.

–The FDD blog highlights a WSJ opinion piece diagnosing Bush’s real intelligence failure.

–Daniel Drezner (guest-blogging for Megan McArdle) predicts the long-term Zimbabwe news cycle.

–James Gordon Meek at the Counterterrorism Blog looks at CIA Chief Hayden’s seeming confirmation of reports that al-Qaida has recruited “Western-looking” operatives.

–Numerous bloggers are dissecting the Zbigniew Brzezinski vs. Max Boot Iraq debate on the Washington Post’s op-ed page.

Quick Links from Around the Blogosphere

A few quick links from our blog reading this afternoon:

–Eric Trager at Commentary’s Contentions blog is unimpressed with the results of Cheney’s Middle East trip.

–Lucy Moore at Foreign Policy’s Passport blog looks at some of the dubious moral support China is receiving for its Tibet crackdown.

–The U.S. State Department’s Dipnote blog reveals just what exactly a passport file contains.

–The Counterterrorism blog links to the first installment of the the Investigative Project on Terorrism’s look at the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

–Phil Carter at Intel Dump says Barack Obama should be the choice of veterans and military voters.

–Daniel Drezner says this PIPA poll is the “dumbest f@#$ing thing I’ve ever seen.”

–On Blogginheads.tv, the American Prospect’s Mark Leon Goldberg interviews Parag Khanna.

At Global Guerillas, John Robb says “a growing number of nation-states are using vigilante/criminal hackers as proxies” in waging online war, to much greater effect than the United States’ government-centric approach to cyberwarfare.

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