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Tens of thousands of people at a candlelight vigil to commemorate victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, Hong Kong, June 4, 2016 (AP photo by Kin Cheung).

China’s Mastery of the Internet Keeps Dissent at Bay

Friday, June 10, 2016

In this week’s Trend Lines podcast, WPR’s editor-in-chief, Judah Grunstein, and host Peter Dörrie discuss El Salvador’s iron-fisted approach to gangs, the Republic of Congo’s violent crackdown on the opposition, and Turkey’s and South Korea’s diplomatic outreach to Africa. For the Report, journalist Yaqiu Wang joins us to talk about the struggle to keep dissent in China alive in the internet age.


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Trend Lines is produced, edited and hosted by Peter Dörrie, a freelance journalist and analyst focusing on security and resource politics in Africa. You can follow him on Twitter at @peterdoerrie.

Additional Audio Credits:

Al Jazeera English: Fighting for freedom in China
Al Jazeera English: China tightens internet restrictions on its citizens
BBC News: Who is China's President Xi Jinping?

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