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Blinken Visits Kyiv and Announces More Military Aid for Ukraine

The New York Times

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. intended to send another $2 billion in long-term support to Ukraine and other countries in the region.

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Another U.S. Congressional Delegation in Taiwan Amid Tensions

Associated Press (free)

Another U.S. congressional delegation is visiting Taiwan as tensions with China remain high over its claims to the self-governed island.

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Lawmakers Press Biden to Track U.S. Aid Tied to Civilian Harm in Yemen

By Catie Edmondson | The New York Times

A bipartisan group of senators Wednesday urged the Biden administration to do more to ensure that U.S. military support to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates does not contribute to civilian harm in Yemen, following an internal watchdog report that said the United States has failed to assess how its aid is tied to such casualties.

The U.S. Has Led the War on Drugs Abroad for Decades, and It’s Been a Staggering Failure

By Christy Thornton | The New York Times

The Biden administration has taken key steps to address our failures here at home—but to find lasting success, it must end our drug war abroad, as well.

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