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Iran Nuclear Negotiators to Meet in Last-Ditch Effort to Revive Deal

By Laurence Norman & David S. Cloud | The Wall Street Journal

Iran, the U.S. and the European Union said Wednesday that they would send negotiators to Vienna for what could be make-or-break talks on reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement with Tehran, but expectations of an agreement weren’t high after months of stalled negotiations.

Saudi, UAE Save Oil Firepower in Case of Winter Supply Crisis

By Dmitry Zhdannikov & Maha El Dahan | Reuters

OPEC leaders Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates stand ready to deliver a “significant increase” in oil output should the world face a severe supply crisis this winter, sources familiar with the thinking of the top Gulf exporters said.

Kuwait Formally Dissolves Parliament, Delays Budget Approval Until After Elections


Kuwait formally dissolved parliament in a decree issued Tuesday, state news agency KUNA said, as the Gulf Arab state’s crown prince moved to resolve a standoff between the government and elected parliament that has hindered fiscal reform.

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U.N. Says Yemen’s Warring Sides Agree to Renew Existing Truce

By Samy Magdy & Ahmed Al-Haj | Associated Press (free)

The United Nations said Yemen’s warring parties agreed Tuesday to renew an existing truce for two more months after concerted international efforts.

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Lebanon Clears Ship Ukraine Says Is Carrying Stolen Grain

By Bassem Mroue | Associated Press (free)

Lebanon’s prosecutor general decided a Syrian ship allegedly carrying Ukrainian grain stolen by Russia may leave a port in the country’s north, officials said Tuesday. The move came after an investigation showed the vessel wasn’t carrying stolen goods.

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Threat of Protests, Violent Escalation Stirs Fears in Iraq

By Samya Kullab & Qassim Abdul-Zahra | Associated Press (free)

Thousands gathered in Baghdad on Monday for a counter-rally called by Iran-backed groups against their rival, an influential cleric whose followers are staging a sit-in inside the Iraqi parliament—only to withdraw hours later.

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Iran Arrests Baha’i Members; Advocates Demand Their Release

Associated Press (free)

Iran arrested several members of the Baha’i faith on spying charges, authorities said Monday, the latest sign of a tightening crackdown across the Islamic Republic as it faces international pressure over its tattered nuclear deal.

Followers of Iraqi Cleric Occupy Parliament Again, Demanding Reforms

By Alissa J. Rubin | The New York Times (free)

Iraqi protesters loyal to the nationalist Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr thronged Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone for the second time in a week Saturday to prevent the formation of a new government. They scaled concrete barriers and pushed past security forces to get into the Iraqi Parliament, filling the empty seats of representatives and shouting their support for Sadr: “Son of Mohammed, take us wherever you want.”

Kuwait Announces Formation of New Cabinet to Defuse Crisis

Associated Press (free)

Kuwait on Monday announced the formation of a new government to defuse a protracted political feud blocking economic reforms in the oil-rich state.

Iran Arrests Another Swedish Citizen on Espionage Charge

Associated Press (free)

Iranian agents have arrested a Swedish citizen suspected of spying, the intelligence ministry said Saturday.

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