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Energy on the Table, Macron Hosts Saudi Prince for Dinner

By Thomas Adamson & Aya Batrawy | Associated Press (free)

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to his presidential palace Thursday for controversial dinner that marks another step in the Saudi leader’s diplomatic rehabilitation—a move that has drawn harsh criticism in France after the gruesome Saudi killing of U.S.-based Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

Russia Attacks Kyiv Area for the First Time in Weeks

By Susie Blann | Associated Press (free)

Russian forces launched a missile attack on the Kyiv area for the first time in weeks Thursday and pounded the northern Chernihiv region as well, in what Ukraine said was revenge for standing up to the Kremlin.

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Austrian, Hungarian Leaders Discuss Migration, Ukraine War

By The Editors | Associated Press (free)

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Vienna on Thursday for bilateral talks that focused on migration as well as on the war in Ukraine and its consequences.

Destroying the Environment Is a War Crime, Too

By Eugene Z. Stakhiv | Foreign Policy

Beneath the human catastrophe Russia has inflicted on Ukraine is an array of environmental disasters that will impact generations to come.

Russian-Occupied Kherson Cut Off as Ukraine Counter-Attacks - Britain


A Ukrainian counter-offensive has virtually cut off the Russian-occupied southern city of Kherson and left thousands of Russian troops stationed near the Dnipro River "highly vulnerable", British defense and intelligence officials said on Thursday.

Ukraine's Grain is Ready to Go, But Ships Aren't. Why?

By Aya Batrawy | Associated Press (free)

Shipping companies are not rushing to export millions of tons of grain trapped in Ukraine, despite a breakthrough deal to provide safe corridors through the Black Sea. That is because explosive mines are drifting in the waters, ship owners are assessing the risks and many still have questions over how the deal will unfold.

Viktor Orban Faces Outrage After Saying Europeans Shouldn't Become 'Mixed Race'

By Rick Noack | The Washington Post

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is facing backlash after a speech arguing that Europeans should not “become peoples of mixed race,” although the far-right leader is still slated to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas next week.

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Macron Wins French Lawmakers’ Backing for Budget to Nationalize EDF

Victor Mallet | Financial Times

President Emmanuel Macron’s government pushed a crucial draft budget law through the National Assembly in the early hours of Wednesday, but only after four days of heated debate that showed how difficult it will be to govern for the next five years without a parliamentary majority.

Ukraine Forces Strike Key Bridge in Russian-Occupied South

Susie Blann | Associated Press

The Ukrainian military used a U.S.-supplied precision rocket system to deliver a morale-lifting knockout punch Wednesday to a bridge Russia used to supply its forces in an occupied region of southern Ukraine.

Viktor Orban Adviser Resigns After Hungarian Premier’s ‘Mixed Race’ Speech

Valentina Pop | Financial Times

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is facing a growing international backlash over inflammatory comments about race that led to the resignation of one of his close aides.

Boris Johnson Resigns After Party Revolt, Will Stay On Till New Leader Chosen

By Karla Adam & William Booth | The Washington Post (free)

Boris Johnson stepped down as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday but will continue to serve as prime minister until his successor is chosen, following an avalanche of resignations within his cabinet that eroded his authority and paralyzed the British government.

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France, Hoping to Weather Energy Crisis, Will Renationalize Electricity Giant

By Constant Méheut & Aurelien Breeden | The New York Times

France said Wednesday that it would renationalize its state-backed electricity giant to help ensure the country’s energy sovereignty as Europe faces a worsening energy crisis from Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Italian Government Staves Off Immediate Prospect of Early Election

By Frances D’Emilio | Associated Press (free)

Italian Premier Mario Draghi’s government Wednesday staved off the immediate prospect of an early election after a key ally indicated he would remain in the coalition for now.

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