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France’s Macron Poised to Win Passage of Measures to Fight Inflation

By Sam Schechner | The Wall Street Journal

French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to secure passage of a package of measures to help bolster household finances, a boost for the French leader as the country copes with rampant inflation stemming in part from Russia’s war of attrition in Ukraine.

Italy Investigating Case of Hospitalized Ex-Kremlin Official

By Claire Parker | The Washington Post

Authorities in Italy are examining the case of a former senior Russian official who was hospitalized in Sardinia this week after suffering neurological symptoms, Italian media reported Wednesday.

Ukraine Builds a Case That Killing of POWs Was a Russian War Crime

By Michael Schwirtz, Christiaan Triebert, Kamila Hrabchuk & Stanislav Kozliuk | The New York Times

Five days after an explosion at a Russian prison camp killed at least 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war, evidence about what happened remains sparse, but Ukrainian officials said Wednesday that they were steadily compiling proof that the mass slaughter was a war crime committed by Russian forces.

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Germany’s Conservative Leaders Push for Nuclear Power to Stay On as the Country Breaks From Russian Fuels

By Erika Solomon | The New York Times

Germany’s leading conservative politicians will visit one of the country’s last remaining nuclear plants Thursday as part of a push to urge the government to abandon its planned exit from nuclear power amid growing concerns of a looming energy crisis due to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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U.K. Leadership Election Rules Changed Over Security Fears

By Jill Lawless | Associated Press (free)

Britain’s governing Conservative Party said Wednesday that it has delayed sending out ballots for the party’s leadership election after a warning from the U.K. intelligence services about the risk of fraud.

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Montenegro Signs Long-Disputed Contract With Serbian Orthodox Church


Montenegro’s government signed a contract regulating its ties with the powerful Serbian Orthodox Church on Wednesday, saying it would help heal deep divisions between pro-European Union parties and backers of closer relations with Serbia and Russia.

Greek Intelligence Service Admits Spying on Journalist

By George Georgiopoulos | Reuters

The head of Greek intelligence told a parliamentary committee his agency had spied on a journalist, two sources present said, in a disclosure that coincides with growing pressure on the government to shed light on the use of surveillance malware.

Italy Parliament Approves Competition Bill to Unlock European Funds


The Italian parliament has given its final approval to a highly contested bill to promote competition in product and services markets, required to help secure a new tranche worth $19.4 billion of post-pandemic European funds.

Italy’s Center-Left Sees Open Electoral Race After Pact With Centrists

By Angelo Amante | Reuters

Italy’s Democratic Party formed an alliance with a smaller centrist group Tuesday in a move seen as boosting the center-left’s chances of preventing a right-wing triumph in an election next month.

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Spain Moves to Replace Franco Regime Official Secrets Law

Associated Press (free)

The Spanish government unveiled a proposed new Official Secrets Law on Monday, the first since the country returned to democracy in 1978.

Why Britain Changed Its China Stance

By Tom McTague | The Atlantic

The cycles of London’s engagement with Beijing reveal how the U.S.’s ability to keep allies in line for its great-power competition is weakening.

Tensions Flare on Kosovo-Serbian Border Amid Protests and Gunfire

By Valerie Hopkins | The New York Times

A dispute over license plates between the Balkan nations of Kosovo and Serbia, from whom Kosovo split 14 years ago, yielded protests and gunfire Sunday night, prompting fears that the violence could escalate as Western countries are focused on the war in Ukraine.

First Ship Carrying Ukrainian Grain Leaves the Port of Odesa

By Susie Blann & Suzan Fraser | Associated Press (free)

The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain set out from the port of Odesa on Monday under a deal brokered by the United Nations and Turkey that is expected to release large stores of Ukrainian crops to foreign markets and ease a growing food crisis.

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Ukraine Seeks to Retake the South, Tying Down Russian Forces

Associated Press (free)

Even as Moscow’s war machine crawls across Ukraine’s east, trying to achieve the Kremlin’s goal of securing full control over the country’s industrial heartland, Ukrainian forces are scaling up attacks to reclaim territory in the Russian-occupied south.

The Fantasy of Brexit Britain Is Over

By Richard Seymour | The New York Times

The Boris Johnson era is over. But the turmoil has only just begun.

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