Iran’s Appalling Holocaust Conference

The Islamic Republic News Agency, the Iranian regime’s media organ, has some choice reporting from the appalling conference of holocaust deniers the regime is hosting in Tehran this week:

Secretary General of Int’l Congress to Support Palestinian Intifada Ali-Akbar Mohtashamipour emphasizing need for survey and research on Holocaust, said here Monday, “Results of surveys so far show Holocaust is no more than a myth.”

Speaking to IRNA on the sidelines of the Foreign Ministry sponsored International Conference to Survey Holocaust: A Global Vision”, December 11-12, he added, “The Western and Zionist media have always been aggrandizing the dimensions of the reality of Holocaust, mixing a bit of truth with a lot of lies.”

He stressed, “Results of surveys and research work at hand today around the globe prove the fact to the world nations that much of what has been said in the West about the Holocaust is nothing but a big myth.”

Mohtashamipur meanwhile reiterated, “Saying that Holocaust is a myth does not mean that the Nazis committed no crimes in the course of World War II.”

The former Iranian Interior Minister said, “They committed horrendous crimes during WWII, but the Zionists’ narration of the massacre of six million jews at Nazi death camps is far from reality.”

He emphasized that a fact finding research committee needs to be established to shed light on real dimensions of Holocaust, adding, “The truth seekers would be glad to hear the results of that committee’s unbiased studies.”

Mohtashamipour added, “The establishment of such an international committee is not impossible despite strong opposition of the US and the Zionist regimes, although it might prove to be very difficult.” Mohtashamipour that presided over the first session of the Holocaust Conference also said, “The Zionists need to present strong, authentic proof for their claims regarding Holocaust the way they have so far propagated about it.”

While we’re on the subject of propaganda, the very respectful coverage this abhorrent farce is receiving in China’s state press is perhaps more worthy of note.

See the Xinhua report on the conference, as well as China Daily’s dutifully balanced article.

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