Hip-Hop Sparks a Political Awakening in Senegal’s Youth

Hip-Hop Sparks a Political Awakening in Senegal’s Youth
Rapper Cheikh 'Keyti' Sene during a taping of the 'Journal Rappé,' Dakar, Senegal, Sept. 10, 2013 (AP photo by Jane Hahn).

In this week’s Trend Lines podcast, WPR Editor-in-Chief Judah Grunstein and host Peter Dörrie discuss implementation day for the Iran deal, Chinese drones and elections in Benin. For the report, Amanda Fortier, a journalist and communications consultant, joins us to explain the relationship between hip-hop youth culture and politics in Senegal.


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Trend Lines is produced, edited and hosted by Peter Dörrie, a freelance journalist and analyst focusing on security and resource politics in Africa. He can be followed on Twitter at @peterdoerrie.

Additional audio credits:

Positive Black Soul – Presidents de l’Afrique
Y’en a marre – Faux! Pas forcé
Keurgui Crew – Diogoufi
JT Rappé – Journal Rappé (S03, édition spéciale) : Justice fiscal
Y’en a marre – Dok ak sa gox

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