Hamas’ Costly Options for Ending the Gaza Blockade

Hamas’ Costly Options for Ending the Gaza Blockade
A Palestinian woman in the rubble of destroyed houses following Israeli strikes, Rafah refugee camp, Gaza, Palestine, Aug. 4, 2014 (AP Photo by Khalil Hamra).

In this week’s Trend Lines podcast, WPR editor-in-chief Judah Grunstein and senior editor Frederick Deknatel discuss Honduras’ corrupt police force, transitional justice in Cote d’Ivoire, and the political prospects for Turkey, Syria and Iraq’s Kurds. For the Report, Khaled Hroub joins us to talk about Hamas’ options for ending Gaza’s isolation.


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Trend Lines is produced, edited and hosted by Peter Dörrie, a freelance journalist and analyst focusing on security and resource politics in Africa. You can follow him on Twitter at @peterdoerrie.

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