Fish Tremble at the Mention of My Name

I’m not sure why this (AFP via DefenseNews) made me chuckle, but it did:

An Iranian warship has entered the Gulf of Aden to protect Iranianvessels against pirates off the coast of Somalia, state radio said onDec. 20.

“After traveling morethan 4,000 maritime miles . . . an Iranian warship entered the Gulf ofAden to protect Iranian ships against pirates,” the radio said, withoutfurther details.

I like the way the UN, NATO and EU are mounting multilateral missions to secure shipping lanes for international trade, while Iran sends one ship to protect . . . Iranian ships. So now that the Iranians have taken care of securing their own ships, does that mean we don’t have to anymore?

(Note: The title of this post comes from a bumper sticker — accompanied by a drawing of a fishing rod — that I once saw in Euless, TX. I’m not sure why it made me chuckle, either, but it did.)

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