Election Backgrounder: 20 WPR Picks

Whether you’re among those 4-8 percent of American voters who are undecided or if you just can’t get enough of all things election-related, we have selected 10 World Politics Review articles and 10 blog posts from recent months that, taken together, form a good primer on the foreign policy issues at stake in this election. Here they are, for your browsing pleasure.

News and Commentary Articles

1. Arab World Suddenly Cooling to Obama, by Frida Ghitis, Oct. 30
2. Rethinking the 2002 Iraq War Resolution, by Bernard Finel, Oct. 17
3. Next President Likely Will Have More Use for the U.N., by Seth McLaughlin, Sept. 25
4. Obama, McCain Should Make U.S.-India Relations a High Priority, by Nirav Patel and Vikram Singh, Aug. 25
5. Kenya Swept Up in Obama Mania as U.S. Election Approaches, by Tabitha Nderitu, July 22
6. U.S. Candidates’ Bellicose Rhetoric Benefits Iran’s Hardliners, by Nicholas Van Zandt, July 14
7. McCain Trip Aimed at Highlighting Latin America in U.S.-Focused Campaign, by Anastasia Moloney, July 7
8. Obama the Hawk: Shaking the Jerusalem Hornet’s Nest, by Frida Ghitis, June 14
9. Could Iraq Surge Success, Paradoxically, Benefit Obama? by Charles Crain, June 12
10. Is obama Like Ike? Lessons from Eisenhower for Iraq, by Alan W. Dowd, June 3

Blog Posts

1. The Foreign Policy of Obama and McCain, Oct. 24
2. The Realist Candidates, Sept. 16
3. Palin’s Words, McCain’s (and Obama’s) Policy, Sept. 12
4. More on the Meaning of McCain’s Response to Georgia, Aug. 15
5. Pakistan and the Limits of Sovereignty, July 30
6. Obama in Berlin, July 24
7. Obama’s Foreign Policy Team of 300, , July 18
8. Obama & McCain Talk Defense, July 11
9. Another Kind of Crusader State? Obama as Global Meliorist, May 5
10. McCain on Smart Power, March 27

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