Crossposting with the Interpreter

One of my favorite blog discoveries of the past few months is The Interpreter, whose editor Sam Roggeveen has on several occasions forced me to clarify or defend my arguments here in a way that has invariably rendered them more rigorous. As part of the Lowy Institute for International Policy, The Interpreter features a wide array of contributors, all of whom offer smart and insightful analysis of the world and Asia from a distinctly Australian perspective. We’ve already added The Interpreter to our blogroll, but now we’ll be doing a trial run over the next few weeks with some crossposting as well. For us, it’s a way of broadening the dialogue here at WPR, but also of adding a point of view, that of a principle actor and ally in an increasingly critical region, that deserves our attention. We’ll do our best, too, to not let the arrangement interfere with the “furious agreements” that break out between us from time to time.